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Hi, I'm Kaitlyn.

research. design. communication. people.

What I do.

1. Mixed Methodology Research
My toolbox of traditional quantitative and qualitative methods, analytics, and user experience research lets me figure out what your audience wants, needs, and is struggling with.

Exploratory Research uncovers overall perceptions as well as needs, motivations, and attitudes.

Social Media and Web Analytics allow for quick assessments of KPI's to determine brand strengths and weaknesses.

User Experience Research assesses usability challenges to suggest improvements for greater accessibility, function, and enjoyment.

2. Branding Strategy
With research in hand, I develop strategies to move forward. Everything you're doing sends a message, and your brand is the sum total of all the impressions your customers have of you.

Guidelines for branding, protocol, and ideal social schedules are developed so that your employees know how to handle cross platform situations.

Service Design assessments note existing pain points, with solutions to increase consumer satisfaction and support, as well as employee productivity.

3. Content Development
Sample content is modified from your existing content to clearly communicate the road ahead. Side by side comparisons highlight changes in copy, visual design, and CTA's.

Recommended Metrics showcase KPI's for evaluating success of changes, and data correlations. A task-based calendar spells out when and what to measure.

I also sometimes...
• Utilize my Photography & Videography skills to elevate visual experiences and make content more cohesive.
Integrate CRM's (most familiar with ActiveCampaign & MailChimp) with web platforms.
• Assess and make recommendations to boost SEO.
Suggest and implement Information Architecture and Website Design changes to increase ease of use.
Give Presentations and trainings to help implement changes (putting that time I taught Intro to Public Speaking to good use!)



Marketing & Services

Exploratory Research, Analytics, User Research, Guidelines, Service Design, & Content Development


Social Media Management

Analytics, Guidelines, & Content Development


Workplace Audit

Exploratory Research & Guideline Development

What I do

Who I am.

Trekkie with a top knot full of industry secrets.
I'm a journalist turned communication specialist, and I focus on authentic brand relationships and consistent, quality content. 
I believe in pursuing passions over paychecks, being a lifelong learner, and not taking yourself too seriously. I'm a people person and an optimist. I believe that everyone has a story. What's yours?
My early career let me ride on rescue ships off the coast of Scotland, try my hand at medieval martial arts, and smell freshly roasted coffee beans in a mountain monastery. I'm on a mission to discover my next great adventure
When I'm not working, you can find me hiking, taking photos, and attempting home-improvement projects.
Who I am

Have a question, comment, or position you think I'd be a good fit for? Please don't hesitate to reach out! I'd love to hear from you!

Tel: 1 (216) 538-0852

Thanks for getting in touch!

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